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Powerful way to calculate unizik utme aggregate 2019/2020

How to calculate unizik post utme aggregate. 

 As the conclusions of this year upase  Post utme examination draws nearer.
 Student both far and near have been curious on how to calculate their post utme aggregate.
 The nnamdi azikiwe university owka has stress on the need of it board to educate aspirants  on how to go about this very aggregate.
 Nnamdi azikewe university is an institution that admits student base on merit.
 Yeah it is good to know your post utme aggregate as an aspirants thats an attribute that recommend one as a responsible student who think ahead.
For those who saw this post online I will start with the definition of utme aggregate.
“Utme aggregate is the sum of all your performance” .

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This method is been employed by all institutions for  admission process.
It important that everyone knows his/her chances of admission.

How to calculate unizik aggregate. 

In calculating your utme aggregate you have to take note on how the utme was totalled.
Unlike other school it is been totalled over 400  but in unizik it is different it been totalled over hundred that’s in percentage %.
You don’t need to be troubled about that as in this article you will be taught how to calculate it.


  • You are to multiply your post utme score by 4.
  • Let assume you got 50%.
  • Now 50*4=200.
  • It now 200.
  • Add it to your jamb score
  • Let assume you got 200 in jamb
  • That’s 200+200=400
  • Divide your score now by 2
  • That’s 400/2=200
  • Your aggregate is now 200.
  • You can check for the cut off mark if you are qualified

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