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IBBU updated catchment areas.

Ibrahim Badamasi babangida university updated list of catchment areas.

Table of content

  1. What is catchment areas 
  2. How does it affect admission. 

What are catchment areas:
Catchment areas are states or places been been favoured by an institution when issuing admission. 
 What does this mean?
One set of people  are been favoured when allocating admission.
This ideal was initiated with the sole aim of making sure that the indigenous settlers get admitted more than others.
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List of catchment areas. 

Niger State.
Kaduna state.
Platue state.
Kebbi state.
Bornu state
Adamawa state.

Nigers state is been favoured more, because the school is been located there.
How does this affect admission. 
During the selection of candidates from different states, those states which fell under the catchment areas are selected more that the other states..

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