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FREE BROWSIN using stark vpn reloaded

Good day and welcome,if you are new to this platform we provide latest and updated news on free browsing cheat to enhance browsing experience and make life meaningful for everyone.

Our service is not just limited to a particular country but goes across all countries ranging from USA, Ghana, South Africa and so many others.

previously most of the vpn been released has been disconnected from mtn server and therefore making it to stop functioning.

One this article we are going to introduce the latest working vpn using stark vpn reloaded,base on analysis it is the only fast,reliabele vpn that is totally free, caped at 50mb per day and auto renews at 12Am and does not have much configuration settings.

Features of stark vpn reloaded

Like we said this vpn is fast in loading, it connects in seconds and it is totally free some of this features of this free browsing using stark vpn reloaded are listed below.

  • It is totally free
  • Fast connectivity
  • Secured browsing experience
  • Safeguard your details
  • Easy installation
  • Caped at 50mb
  • Auto renews at 12Am

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Requirements for stark vpn reloaded


Configuration process

like I said earlier this amazing vpn does not need much configuration settings in setting it up just follow the procedures below.

  1. Download the app from the link above. the installed app

3. Navigate and click on mtn 50 mb daily on auto select location

5.finally click on connect

This would connect in seconds if you did it correctly enjoy and share with your friends….

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Free browsing: Get 1GB + 3Hours Free Streaming Data Plan For N200 on 9mobile




Enjoy free awof data on 9mobile

Free browsing,Activate 1GB +3Hours free streaming Data plan for N200 on 9mobile.If you are new to this platform, this website has been know for it continuous contributions for the betterment of mankind in making life enjoyable for everyone, through free browsing and affordable subscriptions.

previously we have came up with lots of vpn which lots of our clients has recommended very well to be extremely wonderful.

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Today we have come with trick to activate 1GB +3Hours free streaming Data plan for N200 on 9mobile and this Data is not just for for social medias as some may deceive you but this data can be useful in so many areas.

How to activate this bundle.

  • Get a new 9mobile SIM card or you can use yours if it has not exceeded 3 months
  • Dial a unique code of *253*20# and purchase the package for N200
  • You will get a notification about your new account and data balance


This bundle works for 3days

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Latest free browsing trick using Tunnelbear.




Latest working free browsing using tunnel bear 🐻 vpn.

Recently, early this month most of the free vpn been released from the beginning of the year such as Stark vpn, 24clan pro vpn, header tunner ,Tweak vpn stopped working due to faulty server. Most of our top benefactors of this vpn complained bitterly because of the situation. This had lead to so many search on search engines.

Base on the report our team has Came up with a powerful vpn caped at 500mb and Auto renews.

This new vpn is extremely wonderful it connects in seconds and it protects your details. It’s safe for use for any purpose

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One awesome aspects of this vpn is that it does not require much configuration settings like other vpns.

Attributes of Tunnelbear vpn

  • Connects in seconds
  • Provide a secure connection
  • Safeguard your information
  • Powerful servers
  • It totally free
  • Does not select browsers
  • Works for any network

Requirements for tunnelbear

  • 3G/4G Network
  • Any network of your choice
  • Data for botting
  • Download tunnelbear here.

How to activate tunnelbear

  • Install the the app you downloaded from the link above.
  • Open the app
  • You will have to sign up
  • click on the button to get a server
  • It would connect in seconds.

Note :You will have to accelerate the bear with data before you vpn will login.

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Most fustrating moment in blogging comes when ones URL gets blocked,this is mainly experience by newbies.

When once URL get blocked by facebook one loses the ability to get tones of traffic from facebook. Facebook is a free platform which allowes you get tones of traffic from a single post.

little did some site owners know that facebook has it laid down rules and regulations know as it community standards. Most times bloggers do violate this rule which might lead to either permanent ban or temporary ban. Depending on your offence.

Types of ban by facebook.

  • Temporary ban
  • permanent ban

Temporary ban: When this happens you can appeal and get your URL unblocked.

Permanent ban:

when this happens that site URL can never be unblocked

Most community standards users violate

  • Spamming facebook with unnecessary links
  • frequent publishing of post
  • Been reported by a an individual, this leads to fast ban
  • Unauthorized activities
  • Many others.

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Unblock your URL IN 3 days.

Like I said earlier on this article we are going to discuss how to unblock URL in seconds. You are to follow all the steps listed below accordingly

1. Visit facebook debug tool:

  • Facebook has provided developers with a tool to trouble shoot any problem on thier URL to meet facebook standards. This tool is very useful in unblocking facebook URL.
  • You are to Visit facebook debug tool
  • Fill in your blocked URL on the box and click on debug.
  • An error message will be displayed as show below
  • click on let us know
  • write a tangible brief explanation convincing them you didn’t spam facebook or you don’t know the community standards.
  • Click on submit

Go to your site page on facebook.

You can visit your page on facebook and write a short post with the title I don’t post spam and publish your post.

Go to your previous posts on facebook.

One important thing to do during this process is to visit your previous posts on facebook, you can actually do this by visiting any group you posted before and search your name or anything related to you and surely all your post will appear and some carrying your URL.

But meanwhile this post will be carrying an error message,all you need to do is to click on not spam located on the URL. Do this to many post.

Note :

You are to repeat all this steps three times a day and watch you URL been unblocked

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