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Unical catchment areas

Catchment areas in unical


  • Meaning of catchment areas.
  • Updated list of catchment areas in unical.
  • How it affects admission.

Meaning of catchment areas.

catchment areas are selected areas that an institution have mapped out and are given certain privileges.

nevertheless this can be seen as selected states that have been given certain privileges by an institution, an have certain advantages from other aspirants.

this is a method for admission into tertiary institutions, a school admits more state than the other.

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Updated list of catchment areas

on this article we are going to list out the updated list of catchment areas in unical.

  • Akwa-Ibom State
  • Bayelsa State
  • Cross-River State
  • Delta State
  • Edo State
  • Rivers State

if your state have been listed above, then you may now rejoice, but that does not guaranty you admission into university of calabar.

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impact on admission

the importance of catchment areas in unical can not be emphasized, it helps greatly in terms of admission.

but this does not guaranty you 100% Admission.

Catchment areas only imply when you meet the required cutoff point, you will now be picked amongst others.

Although most times candidates who fall under this category are given less cut off.

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What happenes when I don’t belong to the group

If your state are not been listed amongst the catchment areas,you don’t need to panic all you have to do is to realize that you are in another phase of competition.

like I said, catchment areas does not guaranty admission, but having good grades.

Finally All you need to do is to study relentlessly.

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