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Romain reigns addresses fans on his illness

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Romain reigns addresses fans on his illness 

Recently Romain reigns addresses his fans,he said in interview, that many of his supporters thinks his leukemia was part of the story line,and.payed no attention to him, he stressed that he was down and couldn't come to the ring regular, he added that he had spent a lot of ponds on medicals,and this has explained his absence from the ring.
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He also emphasized on his cancer treatment, as this was the main reason for his absence from the ring some of his comment were“I think there is ignorance of leukemia. The word alone is intimidating. ‘Leukemia’ it sounds like a cancer word. It sounds like it could take your life. What people haven’t realized is the different phases That’s the whole thing about me and this huge WWE platform, that’s why I want people to know. I want people to understand that it’s not what people see in the movies”.

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