Road accident

Road accident 

There are many means of transportation namely rail,water and air.Road transportation appears to  be the most commonly used among them.it is affordable when compared with both water and air transport. Flexibility is it routs and simply constructed mode make it most convenient.
   Road accident are no more new because of their frequency. The carriage of our roads has become worrisome to the citizenry. Many driver are illiterate .they are  unable to read and write.

this explains why unnecessary overtaking at corners,zebra crossing etc. Happens. The problem is further compound by the nature of road signs which cannot be easily deciphered by the group of drivers,another cause is drug abuse.
  The state of our road is another cause,in developed countries roads are regularly maintained but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

Intact some portions of the road are often swept away by erosion yet these portion are left unattended,and people dies in numerous fatal accident,something constructive ought to be done.the solution to the problem must be collective rather than being put in the hand of government alone.
 The licensing authority should ensure that before a driver license is issued ,the applicants must be taught all the road signs and symbols and he must show practical evidence of understanding,Hawking of drugs and local gins in and around motor parks must be banned.it is not enough to legislate against it sales but it must be enforced. Government on the other hand should maintain our road, roads safety corps should be drafted to patrol our road and toll gates may be erected on some major roads.with a veiw to using the proved for the repairs of roads .

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