Free latest working mtn cheat using twerk vpn

Enjoy free unlimited data using  twerk vpn.

Hello and welcome, today we are going  to show you the latest working mtn cheat using twerk vpn,capped at 100mb and auto renews by 12,this is the greatest and fastest vpn I have ever seen,it connects in seconds and the data is not restricted to any activity,you can use it for browsing,watching videos,unlimited download,you will surely enjoy it I bet you all you need  to get this free data vpn is just to follow the instructions below.
  Requirements for twerk vpn.
;Mtn SIM with zero balance
;Smart phone 📱
;Download the app from playstore.
Configuration settings.
 Now the tweak vpn won’t just start working until you connect it with a provider,below are the procedures.
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After you might have downloaded it,open the app and click on that option with a spanner(none) and chose custom.

  Do the same with the one above your chose free server auto connect.

 Now click that setting above at the right hand side.

  Click on custom twerk

      Now fill with the following information
Select connection mode__http
Server port___8080
Proxy host _10.199.212.2
Proxy port-8080
 If you did this the right way it would connect in seconds.
Good luck and enjoy and share with your friends.
 Don’t forget to save our site to your home page to get free access to latest working vpn.

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