Free browsing: Latest mtn cheat using 24clan vpn pro

Latest mtn cheat using  24clan vpn pro 

 Hello and welcome, today we are bringing to you latest cheat from mtn using 24clan vpn pro, Believe me if your aren’t knowledgeable on vpn forget it you are backward. This awesome vpn is free you don’t need to spend a penny. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get more cheats at your doorstep. 
 This latest vpn works more than any other vpn recorded so far, below are it qualities is fast and reliable connects in seconds does not require much settings works on smart phone and laptops is capped at 100mb per day
6.Auto renews by 12am

As you can see it qualities are numerous,it is the greatest vpn recorded so far. 
Requirements for 24clan vpn pro
1:Mtn, glo, airtel, etisalt SIM without data. But note we are focussing on mtn
2:3G/4G network
3:download the app here
 Configuration settings
Like I said earlier this vpn does not require much settings,follow the instructions bellow to get your your vpn set. on the none button and choose none.

   OR on the none button and choose import file.

Download the file here and upload it.
This importation method is fast and reliable it connects in seconds I will recommend you all to go for this
Importation process 
Click on choose server and click import 

Click on the settings above (at the right) 
Click on custom

Click on host header:8080

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 8080

Go back to the dashboard and click connect it would connect before five seconds, enjoy. 

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It would connect before five seconds 

 You can try either of the two method,and if you did it correctly it would connect in seconds. 

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