Get free 2.5G on 9mobile from this latest working injector

Free browsing using HTTP injector

 Hello and welcome, today am going to show you how to activate etisalat free browsing using HTTP injector.
for sometime now HTTP injector have not been available.
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  Also etisalat users have been complaining bitterly because most of the vpn been released are for mtn mainly and sometime for other networks, but now am bringing to you the latest working injector,it is capped at 2.5G are you surprise?
No you shouldn’t because it is real, if you are seeing this you must be very lucky to be the first partakers of this unlimited package.
All you need do is to pay attention to the installation and configuration process.
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What you need to know. 
As stated above this package is capped at 2.5G and you can renew it anytime you want.
To activate it you have to subscribe to etisalat for the package for just 350 naira.
 To do that dial *200*3*3*2*3#

1.Glo SIM card
2. 3/4G network
3. Download the app here.
4. Download the configuration file here.

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Configuration settings and install the app from the link above the app
3.Tap on the paper icon located at the top-right corner on import file
5. Go to downloads and choose the file you downloaded
6. It will appear like this

7. Click on start and it will connect within five seconds 
  Enjoy, tell you you friends about it ,for those not using 9mobile you can search the previous post to get working vpn of your choice, vpn for all network are all here. 

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