Latest working mtn free browsing using header tun vpn July /August

Latest working mtn free browsing using header tun vpn

Latest mtn cheat using header tun vpn,this is the fastest and reliable vpn ever, it capped at 100mb and auto renews by 12am. This vpn connects in seconds and it not limited to any activity

Your activities online are being protected,not like other free vpn.
 It has no difficulties in it configuration,just get the listed items below ready.
Also see:mtn free browsing using stark vpn. 

Requirements for header tun vpn. SIM with zero balance

  • the application here,or play store. 

Configuration for header tune vpn.

Download and install the app from the link above.
After downloading open the app and input the settings below.
Click on stealth setting and turn it on.
 Connection protocol:Tcp
Connection port:8080
Connection via parent proxy:dont enable
Host :
Request method get:get
Injection method normal:normal
Reverse proxy:Tick
Generate and save all settings.
 If you did this well it should connect before five seconds.
Good luck, comment below and share this link to your friends
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