Vpn: Latest working Free mtn data using stark vpn

Latest working Free mtn data using

stark vpn

Mtn free browsing free browsing using stark vpn caped at 100mb and auto renewal by 12am,in our previous post we shared mtn free browsing using HTTP injector, where you have to install the app and the file then connect,it only disadvantage is that it takes time to connect.
But this present vpn you only need the app and configure the app settings.
Requirements for stark vpn. phone
2.3G/4G SIM with zero balance.
4.get the app directly on playstore.
Settings for vpn

configure settings

.Tweak:click on the none and chose custom
.click on the custom icon.
.select connection mode:http
.server port:8080
.Select header line type:single line.
Proxy host:
.poxy port:8080.
Now the setting are now complete,return back to the setting and click auto server and then click connect
it should connect before ten seconds enjoy and share with your friends.

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