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Bida poly rector visits futminna VC on accreditation of courses

The polytechnic rector on a brief meeting with the VC of fut minna

Bida updates
The rector of  federal polytechnic bida in an early hour today was present at the meeting with the VC.
Things discussed
1. Appreciation for extending their programs with the school
2. On accreditation states
3. Establishment of more courses.

The meeting  stated by 9am and ended at 1pm. The polytechnic rector showed appreciation for chosen their school as one of their affiliate centers, the VC also recommended the polytechnic on it academic work,he said the school  was 42 year and since it was established it has held so many records in all aspects of education.

The stated that the school was denied accreditation In time past but was later accredited.
He said the school is presently running three programs approved by NUC which are electrical engineering,building technology, and quantity surveying.

The added that the previous report shows that the school is up doing in it academic affairs and also stated that more institutions might be added to the school.
He also recommended the polytechnic for it efforts in pursuing the school academic activities.

The polytechnic rector promised that the school will try it best in pushing forward in it academic area and requested that more institutions should be added to the school.

The polytechnic also said that  the Institution has not less than 72 Ph.D holders and most of them graduated from the University, adding that like Oliver Twist, more staff would come seeking for admission as in terms of manpower development the cardinal principle of his administration is to encourage staff to go for their further studies, more so, with the affiliation arrangement with the University. 

He appealed to the University Management to continue to assist when such request is made.
The meeting closed by 1pm. With the view of adding more institutions when  necessary. 

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