Latest working free browsing using 24clan vpn green edition

Free data using 24clan pro vpn green. 

Latest working vpn using 24clan pro vpn green. It has been long since we introduce free working vpn.
 We Introduced 24clan vpn pro, but our users have been complaining bitterly that it takes time in connecting and it goes on and off.
 Today we are introducing 24clan vpn green.
This mtn vpn is Capped at 100mb per day and auto renews at 12Am. It was Been built base on the limitations of all the previous vpn, it connects In seconds and works in all phones.
Base on all the vpn been produced, stark vpn has been good but this one rocks better.
One awesome fact about this vpn is that it does not require much effort in setting it up, we will be discussing it below.


  • Capped at 100mb per day
  • Auto renew by 12am
  • Connects in seconds. 
  • Dose not disconnect easily 
  • Work on all phones
  • 3G/4G network
  • SIM without data 
  • Download the app here 
  • Check the configuration processes below
Configuration settings 

Like I said earlier in the post this awesome vpn dose not require you to be an expert to connect it, it simple and easy.
Open the downloaded vpn

Click on select server and choose mtn free server.

Click on auto premium server

Then click on connect(with wi-fi logo)

It will connect in seconds if you did it correctly.
If you need any guild you can make use of the comment section below. 

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