Stone cold Steve Austin delivers a Stunner to AJ Styles on Raw

Stone cold Steve Austin delivers a Stunner to AJ Styles on Raw

Last week we discussed the roundups for clash of Champions and battles ahead. This week,we are still discussing related matters. 

Styles made his way to the ring during the  contract signing for clash of Champions between Seth Rollins and Braun strowman flanked by the OC. The took a microphone telling WWE Universe that he is suppose to be the one fighting for the title not the Monster amongst men.
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Styles made his point clearly, but he took his protestations too far when he insulted Austin, who was in New York to mediate the contract signing after the previous one ended in a major dust-up.

luckily on this occasion, the pens had by now been put to daily as soon as the fists began to fly, with Strowman wiping out Luke gibbet and Karl Anderson at ringside.
That left Styles for Rollins but when he failed to deliver a Stomp, the Texas Rattlesnake was perfectly placed to drop the former WWE champion with a Stunner, to the delight of the Manhattan crowd.
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