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Futminna school fees For new and returning students

The federal university of technology Minna (futminna) been one of the best school in Nigeria in terms of technology and 22nd in Africa has released it schedulement of school fees for 2019/2020.

the school has released the scheduled school fees that are to be paid for both new and returning students.

Candidates can visit any of the banks to make payments of their school fees and other charges prior to the dead line.

The school has the right to withdraw any admission given to a candidate when he does not meet up with the school fees.

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below we are going to list out futminna school fees for new and returning students.

Complete schedule of school fees for new students

1Tuition 750
2Hostel accommodation Free
3Hostel charges Free
4Hiring of academic gown1000
5Campus map500
6Caution deposit5000
7Sports and games2000
8Identification card1,200
9Examination fee 5000
6Verification of entry qualification 5000
8Clinic registration fee500
9medical examination and X-ray 2000
10Medical services 3000
11Library services 1000
12Laboratory services /consumption 3000
13Student hand book 1000
14Registration fee 5000
15Development levy10,000
16Development of facilities 10,000
17swis fees1000

Therefore illustrated above the total amount of money to be paid by all new students us N61,200 only

Scheduled school fees for returning students

all returning students are to pay the following fees listed below.

contents in the table below:

Tuition FeeFREE$750.00
*Hostel Accommodation
*Hostel Service Charge
Identification Card1,200.001,200.00
Examination Fee3,000.003,000.00
Medical Services3,000.003,000.00
Library Services1,000.001,000.00
Laboratory Charges/Consumable3,000.003,000.00
Student Handbook1,000.001,000.00
Maintenance of Facilities3,000.003,000.00
Registration Fee2,000.002,000.00
Development Levy5,000.005,000.00
Student Welfare Insurance SchemeSWIS/Activity1,000.001,000.00

Other payments

Its important to note that there are some other payment which are not listed above some of them are listed below

  • Hostel Accommodation Handled by the Managers.
  • Hostel Services Charge under a separate arrangement
  • SWEP – A charge of N5, 000.00 is payable by students participating in SWEP
  • Field Trip – A charge of N5, 000.00 is payable by students in participating Departments while N10, 000.00 is payable by students in the following Departments: Geology, Biological Sciences and Surveying and Geoinformatics & WAFT.

Also note :

the school management or faculty has the the right to levy any payment on students, the list been provided above are the generalised fee.

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Fed Poly Offa Acceptance Fee

The federal polytechnic offa wishes to inform all student offered provisional admission into OFFA IJMB, national Diploma, Higher National Diploma programs, that the school has kick-start the payment of acceptance fee.

All admitted Candidates to visit the school portal to proceed with payment of acceptance fee.

To check admission list click here .

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How to Pay Fed Poly Offa Acceptance Fee

To successfully pay your acceptance follow the instructions listed below.

(i) Pay acceptance fee of the amount indicated above with the use of ATM card that is Inter switch compatible, print acceptance fee receipt online and change to official receipt in the Bursary.

(ii) Print the admission letter on-line and present to the admissions office at the Main campus for signing. (candidates are to come along with the original copies of their certificates/results).

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Fed polytechnic OFFA Acceptance fee for newly admitted NATIONAL DIPLOMA (ND) Is N15,000

While Acceptance fee for Higher National Diploma is 10,000.

Important Things To Note

1. 7th December, 2019 (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Batch). for higher national diploma

2. 5th December, 2019 (for 1st & 2nd Batch) and 7th December, 2019 (for 3rd batch). for national diploma full time.

3. 5th December, 2019 (for 1st Batch) and 7th December, 2019 (for 2nd batch). National diploma part time.

4. 9th December, 2019 (for first batch) for IJMB

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How To Calculate Abu Zaria UTME Aggregate

Ahmadu Bello University, among other University conducts post UTME exams as a criteria for admission.

Table of content

  • What are post utme aggregates all about.
  • How to calculate your utme aggregate.
  • Impacts on Admission.

What are post utme aggregates

this has been a popular question been ask each year by aspirants of different institution.

having written the composary Jamb utme exams along with the school of choice post utme exams.

It now calls for great concern, which of the exams are they going to use in issuing out admission?

How do I come to calculate all exams I have written?

But worry no more as on this article we have got all answers to you question.

So in a nutshell we can say that “UTME aggregates comprises of your performance in jamb in combination with your performance in the school post utme”.

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Nevertheless this article has been written to enlighten you on how to calculate this.

How to calculate Abu Zaria utme aggregate

Post UTME in Nigeria can be calculated in two different ways and this could be determined when it is totaled over 100 that in percentage.

OR when it is totaled over 400.

But luckily Abu Zaria post Utme is been totalled over 100, so that makes it easy.

Step by step way to calculate this

As disclosed above, Abu Zaria UTME is been totalled over 100. below are ways to calculate it.

  • Take you School UTME performance
  • multiply it by 4
  • I.e let assume you got 50 in post utme.
  • 50×4=200
  • Now add it with your jamb score
  • Let also assume you scored 200
  • 200+200=400
  • Finally divided by it by 2.
  • I.e 400/2=200.

Now this is your utme aggregate you can now check the school cut off to know your chances of admission.

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Impact on Admission

It is always important for all candidates to know their post utme aggregate as this will help in knowing you chances of admission.

Some students don’t get admission it year because of their inability to acknowledge the aggregate Cut off been set.

At this point, once you do not meet the requirements it is advisable to switch institutions quickly. Find list of institutions here.

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Catchment areas in unical


  • Meaning of catchment areas.
  • Updated list of catchment areas in unical.
  • How it affects admission.

Meaning of catchment areas.

catchment areas are selected areas that an institution have mapped out and are given certain privileges.

nevertheless this can be seen as selected states that have been given certain privileges by an institution, an have certain advantages from other aspirants.

this is a method for admission into tertiary institutions, a school admits more state than the other.

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Updated list of catchment areas

on this article we are going to list out the updated list of catchment areas in unical.

  • Akwa-Ibom State
  • Bayelsa State
  • Cross-River State
  • Delta State
  • Edo State
  • Rivers State

if your state have been listed above, then you may now rejoice, but that does not guaranty you admission into university of calabar.

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impact on admission

the importance of catchment areas in unical can not be emphasized, it helps greatly in terms of admission.

but this does not guaranty you 100% Admission.

Catchment areas only imply when you meet the required cutoff point, you will now be picked amongst others.

Although most times candidates who fall under this category are given less cut off.

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What happenes when I don’t belong to the group

If your state are not been listed amongst the catchment areas,you don’t need to panic all you have to do is to realize that you are in another phase of competition.

like I said, catchment areas does not guaranty admission, but having good grades.

Finally All you need to do is to study relentlessly.

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