Latest free browsing trick using Tunnelbear.

Latest working free browsing using tunnel bear 🐻 vpn.

Recently, early this month most of the free vpn been released from the beginning of the year such as Stark vpn, 24clan pro vpn, header tunner ,Tweak vpn stopped working due to faulty server. Most of our top benefactors of this vpn complained bitterly because of the situation. This had lead to so many search on search engines.

Base on the report our team has Came up with a powerful vpn caped at 500mb and Auto renews.

This new vpn is extremely wonderful it connects in seconds and it protects your details. It’s safe for use for any purpose

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One awesome aspects of this vpn is that it does not require much configuration settings like other vpns.

Attributes of Tunnelbear vpn

  • Connects in seconds
  • Provide a secure connection
  • Safeguard your information
  • Powerful servers
  • It totally free
  • Does not select browsers
  • Works for any network

Requirements for tunnelbear

  • 3G/4G Network
  • Any network of your choice
  • Data for botting
  • Download tunnelbear here.

How to activate tunnelbear

  • Install the the app you downloaded from the link above.
  • Open the app
  • You will have to sign up
  • click on the button to get a server
  • It would connect in seconds.

Note :You will have to accelerate the bear with data before you vpn will login.

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