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Abu Zaria catchment areas 2020/2021

ABU Zaria catchment areas

Table of content

  • What are catchment areas
  • Updated list of catchment areas in abu zaria
  • Impact on admission

What are catchment areas

Catchment areas are areas which most times could be states that special privileges are been given to in terms of admission.
In a nutshell in terms of catchment areas some group of states us been favoured than the orders.

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Some reason reasons are as follows.

  • less concentration of institutions: States where there are less concentration of institutions, they are been favoured anywhere.
  • Indigenous reasons: All institutions give more chances of admission to their indigenous settlers rather than others.
  • Relationship with others: some institution offer admission to other states so that they might accept their own people when they want to school over there.

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Updated list of catchment areas in ABU ZARIA

On this great article we are going to be listing out the 2019/2020 updated catchment areas for admission.

  • Kaduna State
  • Adamawa State
  • Bauchi State
  • Benue State
  • Borno State
  • Jigawa State
  • Kano State
  • Gombe State
  • Kebbi State
  • Kogi State
  • Kwara State
  • Katsina State
  • Niger State
  • Plateau State
  • Sokoto State
  • Nasarawa State
  • Yobe State
  • Zamfara State
  • Taraba State
  • So with this you can check if you fall under this category, but I you don’t don’t panic all you need is a great results and the sky will be your limit

Impact on admission

ABU admission is strictly by merit so this catchment areas has less importance in terms of admission.
Places where catchment areas plays a huge role in terms of admission are in state universities.
This does not mean it has no importance, but it is less when compared to state universities and always remember ABU Zaria admission is strictly on merit.

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How does this possibly affect admission in ABU Zaria

Now let go straight to the point, when issuing admission to candidates the method of taking up statics of different states that admission would be allocated to Is been adopted.
What do I possibly mean?
They might decide to give admission to 10 candidates from delta state on a particular course
And at same time decide to give 50 candidates from kaduna on a particular course.
Most times the cutoff marks of indigenous settlers are been reduced.
What do I mean by this ?
The might decide to do it this way Cut off mark for medicine for indigens is 230
Cutoff point for other people will be 250
With this you can see that you can see that the privileges are negligible


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