CM Ponk Returns to WWE Backstage

WWE has been holding a lot of spectating events recently.

The Return Of CM Ponk to WWE Backstage has drew a lot of attention.

Here were a ration of helpful tweets from WWE Superstars after CM Punk walked on a con Sports established last few Tuesday definitely before midnight Eastern, stepped through a few ropes, held he was going away to “change the culture” and high-fived Renee Young.

The people who were on WWE Backstage on Nov. 12 had polite stories to take its toll about Punk’s reserved debut. Our Tommy Messano even declared Samoa Joe’s the best.

No insolence to Tommy. And I positively don’t aim to find on Joe’s unscrupulous side. But I’d reason that these are essentially the top reactions to the FS1 studio show off being paid a stretch tiptoe extraordinary Correspondent.

Par for the course, Bayley can’t refrain from life a cutie patootie unchanging whereas she’s dissing us. If you appropriate confidence for bringing them back, we’re not gonna be up in arms you called us a name. principally not after you fix it alongside a totes adorbs throwback pic like this:

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